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General Information

Why order from us

Because our commitment is to give the best service regarding quality, price and delivery to our customer and we value long term relationships. Your orders are always produced using the most appropriate, cost-efficient printing methods to meet your demands and budget.

Business Hours

Normal business operations are from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm , except Saturday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm . Or you can e-mail us 24/7.

Lead time of Orders

For Regular production schedule, proof / layout will be ready in 1~2 business days and upon approval, you will receive the product/service in 3 to 6 business days. Speedy and Rush production schedules do incur rush charges. please consult our customer service.

The timeframe vary slightly from product to product and for special order which require additional process, please also consult our customer service.

Discounts Availability

We already discount our products from the retail price. We can offer bigger discounts if you purchase a product in large quantities. Actual pricing discounts can be given by our customer service representatives.

Forms of Payment

We accept cheques, money orders and cash. Purchase orders are accepted only for organization and business entity.

Sample Request

Some products samples are available upon request.

Digital Prints

Kind of materials we handle

For outdoor usage :

Banners, backdrop we have China frontlite flexy vynil in 280, 300 and 440 g/sq-m and frontlite Korea flexy vynil in 440 g/sq-m. And for neon box application, we use China backlite flexy vynil 500 g/sq-m. Other materials are sticker for labels, signs and mobile branding and 1 way vision sticker for shops branding.

For indoor usage :

We have synthetic high resolution paper i.e Albatros and Luster to choose from. For Albatros there are glossy and matt laminating choice.

Other Products

We supply portable X banner, portable Roll-up banner, hanging poster, pole banner. Also supply neon box for shops, etc.

Minimum order quantity

Banners, Sticker = 1 square meter. X banner, Roll-up banner = 1 set.


For outdoor product :

It will last at least 1 year where the color begin to fade. Of course we can extend the life span by printing in higher resolution with additional cost.

For indoor product :

As long as keeping the product from direct sun light, it will last more than 1 year.


Currently we can only do installation for neon box.

Stencil Screens

Type of frame

We can supply wood and aluminum frame. The cheaper wood frames are used in small, non-critical work. Aluminum frame due to their resistance to warping or bowing, their resistance to water, their light weight, and longer usable service life are most commonly used in print operations with automated printing equipment or where quality printing is required.

Type of mesh

We use mostly monofilament polyester mesh but we could also supply nylon mesh. We use Monoprint of Germany or SEFAR of Swiss or Murakami of Japan if requested. Mesh count ranging from 40 threads per inch (very coarse, with large openings between threads) up to 400 or more threads per inch is selected depending the individual job. Fabric printers might use 80 or 110, UV inks require thin ink deposits for proper curing, so mesh counts above 305 are used. Ceramics printing require the coarse particles of glass frit which make up the ink to pass through the mesh openings, so meshes in the 225-250 range are used. Most manufacturers and suppliers can recommend a specific mesh count that works best with their products.

Tension we stretch

Tension is measured in Newtons/cm, and we can stretch up to 23 Newtons . Usually we stretch to 17 newtons for better the printing result. A tight screen allows the use of less off-contact when printing, which results in better registration, less distortion, and a sharper print.

Screen impressions

If cared properly, it is guaranteed thousands of impressions before requiring replacement. The two main reasons for replacement are blocked openings and ripping of the mesh.

Imagesetter film and Repro film

Minimum size and Price basis

A4 and the price is based on cm-square.

Kind of films

Positive or negative film, right reading, emulsion side down.

Positive or negative film, right reading, emulsion side up.

Artwork form

All artwork should be created in any of the following applications : CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand. High resolution PDF can be accepted. Both printer and screen fonts must be included. If image is used, EPS is preferred, TIFF and BMP accepted (with resolution of 300 dpi optimum, 200 dpi accepted).

File transfer media

You can put the files in CD ROM, USB flash disk or just e-mail to us.

Offset and Screen Prints

Kind of paper we handle

We handle mostly every type of paper, from HVS, NCR (no carbon required), newspaper, fancy papers, fancy carton, artpaper, artcarton, stickers, vinyl stickers and many more.

Minimum order quantity

For general business form in single sheet (100 sheets/book) :

  • F4 or A4 size : 10 books
  • Half F4 or A5 : 20 books

For general business form in multiple sheet (50 sets/book) :

  • F4 or A4 size : 10 books
  • Half F4 or A5 : 20 books

For Envelope : 3 boxes (100 pcs/box)

For Letter head : 3 reams

For Business card : 1 box (100 pcs/box)

For other products and less than the above minimum quantity, please consult with our customer service.

Kind of Finishing

We can provide die-cutting, foil-stamping and embossing for finishing, but subject to feasibility.

Identity Cards

Technology used

We use thermal inkjet technology to produce exceptional print quality and natural durability.

Minimum order quantity

We accept small orders and large orders. Of course there's price difference.


Protection does prolong the cards expected life span, however, fading will occur if the card is left in direct sunlight, or equivalent. The normal life span of printed cards is 2~3 years.

Full color ID cards

Yes, we are specialize in full color IDs with photos.

Format for my own design

The image must in BMP (Bitmap) or TIFF (Tagged Image Files Format) with resolution not less than 300 dpi. Files created in a vector drawing program like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator are preferred for better result.

Color, Dater and Rubber stamps

Kind of stamps

We supply color stamps, rubber / resin stamps, dater stamps, self-inking stamps, numbering stamps. We only use acrylic handle for rubber stamp.

Minimum order quantity

One piece.

other related products

We supply ink, ink pad, embosser, DIY stamp, etc.

Button badge

Minimum order quantity

Only one piece, but if you order more it will cost less.

Colors limitation

No limitation except for gold and silver color there is additional fee.

Pre-production sample

Yes, we will send you pictures of the sample until we have your final confirmation. We could only send you the pre-production sample for order quantity of 300 pcs.

My own artwork

Sure. All artwork should be created in any of the following applications : CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator. Both printer and screen fonts must be included. If image is used, EPS is preferred, TIFF and BMP accepted (with resolution of 300 dpi optimum, 200 dpi accepted).